4 Destinations to Add to Your Travel Calendar

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Being able to travel whenever you want is something many people wish for. However, work commitments and financial constraints often mean that we aren’t able to. With that being said, you can still make time for travel, but you probably have to slot it in between your allocated time off of work and public holidays.

Some people like to plan their trips for the year ahead of time, while some book them one after the other. In case you need inspiration regarding where to go, here are four different destinations you might like to add to your travel calendar.

Photo by  Hanny Naibaho

Photo by Hanny Naibaho



For a cultural and magical experience, consider going to Thailand. You will find a number of activities you can take part in as well as learn a lot about a new culture. In terms of what you can do in Thailand, try visiting the Grand Palace. Located in the heart of Bangkok, it happens to be one of the most popular destinations. Note that there is a strict dress code, so make sure that you dress conservatively.

Before traveling to Thailand, you may need vaccinations such as Tetanus, Hepatitis A and Yellow Fever. However, it’s best to speak with your healthcare provider about what exactly you need.

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Known as the sunshine state, Florida is a great destination to travel to. Not only is it a warm destination, but it’s also one that is filled with beaches and other activities. When looking for holidays in Florida, you want to find a package that’s within your budget. You can do this by shopping around and looking at different sites as well as calling agents too.

In Florida, there are several major cities that you could visit which include Miami, Tampa, Key West or Orlando. Each destination has something different to offer, so find out by doing some research. For example, you could go to Miami if you want to lounge on South Beach or head to Key West if you want something a little more laid back. Orlando is great for families as you could spends days exploring Disney World, Epcot Theme Park, or Universal Studios.

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Photo by Linh Nguyen



For those who want to travel to Europe, you should definitely consider going to Italy. This is a unique destination that is likely to leave a positive impression with plenty of delicious food and old-world architecture.

When you go to Italy, you can visit the ancient Valley of the Temples which is located in Sicily. It is an archaeological complex that has Doric temples which were built in the 5th century. Aside from this, if you’re a nature lover, go and see the Cinque Terre. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is a national park and is made up of five picturesque villages. Other well-known places you can go to are the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, the Coliseum in Rome, or Mount Vesuvius near Naples.

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Photo by Tianshu Liu



Another destination that you could travel to is Japan. The reason Japan makes such a great place to visit is that it is home to a wholly unique culture. In this destination, you’d be able to find natural landscapes, Samurai legends, culinary goodies, and artisan workshops.

If you go during August, you’ll be able to catch the Aomori Nebuta Festival where giant bamboo floats are put together with colorful paper to represent mythical gods as well as Kabuki characters.


This article was produced in collaboration with Molly Evans.

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Some people like to plan their trips for the year ahead of time, while some book them one after the other. In case you need inspiration regarding where to go this year, here are four different destinations you should add to your travel calendar.