The Many Colors of Greenland in 17 Photos

Lupins and wildflowers blooming in Qaqortoq

Although I’ve only seen a teeny tiny portion of southern Greenland, there are few places I’ve enjoyed visiting more. What captivated me the most about the world’s largest island was finding a country with an incredible natural environment filled with immense glaciers, sky-high peaks, arctic tundra, summer wild flowers, and rocky plateaus.

Admittedly, before my visit I had always imagined Greenland to be, well, nothing more than a snow-covered island with a solemn landscape of blues, grays, and lots of white. But what I wasn’t expecting to find was the vast amount of color that’s present, especially during the summer months.

From the cheery, bright houses in the town of Qaqortoq to an icy pink sunrise off the island’s southern coast, below you’ll find some of my favorite photos showcasing the many colors of Greenland.

Glacier in Prince Christian Sound, Southern Greenland
Watching the icebergs float by off the coast of Southern Greenland
Colorful houses in Qaqortoq
Icebergs floating in Prince Christian Sound
Flag of Greenland and colorful houses of Qaqortoq
Icy pink sunrise off the coast of southern Greenland
Wildflowers blooming in Nanortalik
Red sunset off the coast of Greenland
Blue house in a cliff in Qaqortoq
Mountains of Prince Christian Sound
Floating iceberg
Tiny village in Prince Christian Sound
Buttercups blooming on a hill in Qaqortoq
Giant iceberg at sunset
Qaqortoq cemetery
Coastline of southern Greenland



Although most of us travel with a smartphone in our pocket, having a guidebook in your backpack never hurts! Here’s a useful one about traveling in Greenland: