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A Hidden Waterfall in Iceland's Westfjords

"When I finally stood face to face with The Thundering One, its vast size, enormous sound, and the sheer force of nature overwhelmed and amazed me."



A Viking Island Paradise

"When we arrived back in Tórshavn, I was nowhere near ready to leave the Faroe Islands. Seeing this unique landscape for myself really made me feel like an early explorer discovering an untarnished paradise." 



Glacier Bay National Park: A Highlight of Alaska's Inside Passage

"In a place where there is only natural ambient sound around you, the thundering of the ice breaking off into the water was like a jolt to the system, a cracking and crushing so impressive that even the most nature-weary traveler is sure to be awed."



Chasing Solitude in British Columbia

"Fallen trees under the surface of the clear water appeared to be lying in peaceful sleep, as if they had been there for centuries. Here, noise was lost and my thoughts floated to a place of pure presence."



A Sleepy Coastal Town in South Greenland

"Brightly colored houses line the streets, immense mountain peaks rise in the distance, and icebergs float by in the bay."  



One Day in Ålesund: The Top Three

"Ålesund is known for its Art Nouveau architecture, the surrounding Sunnmøre Alps mountains, and a stunning fjord landscape." 



20 Images That Prove Greenland Has the Most Inspiring Landscapes on Earth

"From the summer midnight sun to the winter Aurora Borealis, iceberg strewn fjords to sharp peaks rising 10,000 feet..." 



Iceberg Spotting in Greenland 

"The orange sunset created a mystical atmosphere around the frozen landscape. Massive icebergs appeared to be dancing on the horizon like mirages in a polar desert."  



Auf Ausschau nach Eisbergen in Grönland 

"Von diesen Eisbergen dachte man, dass sie wie frostige Biester aus den Meerestiefen auftauchten und still die Meeresoberfläche übernahmen." 



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"Be sure to ride the seawall loop around Stanley Park and downtown for beautiful views of the city and ocean.” - 48 Hours in Vancouver / CANADIAN AFFAIR

"Elisabeth has always been a traveler, and her blog shows the beautiful and multifaceted aspects of travel and global cultures." - Best Female Travel Blogs to Follow in 2016 / CREDITDONKEY

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” - Andre Gide - 80 Awesome Wanderlust Quotes That Will Make You Want to Travel the World / WANDERLUST CIRCLE

"Bergen captivated me. From the moment we arrived I was in love with Norway’s second largest city." - Top 100 Travel Blog Posts of 2015 by Social Media Shares / MAN ON THE LAM

"This is Gjógv, a quaint and quiet little community on the island of Eysturoy (the Faroe Islands consist of 18 islands total) and a great starting point to go puffin spotting in the summer months." - Faroe Islands #Travelstoke / MATADOR NETWORK

“Not only does Bergen house the UNESCO World Heritage Site Bryggen, but it is also the gateway city to the famous Norwegian fjords, which lie just a few hours away." - The Best Places to Travel in 2016 (According to 297 Travel Bloggers) / WANDERLUST CIRCLE



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