Nominated for a Liebster Award!

Thank you very much to Leigh Anne from Boundless Itinerary for nominating me for the Liebster Award! This award is given by bloggers to new and upcoming bloggers that deserve some recognition and is also a great way of getting to know each other. 

The Liebster Award works on a pay it forward type of approach. A blogger nominates ten other bloggers for the award and they in turn must each nominate ten more bloggers. Each blogger poses ten questions for their nominees to answer.

Here are my answers to Leigh Anne's questions:

1. Why do you travel?

I travel for the experience, the challenge, the adventures, the photographs, the food, the people, and the memories. Most importantly, I travel because I enjoy it. Currently, I travel part-time while I work full-time. I like having the balance between visiting new places and coming home to somewhere familiar.

2. Have you been to the Philippines? If not, would you visit the Philippines? Why or why not?

I’ve never been to the Philippines, but would love to visit one day.

3. Have you ever got lost during a trip? If not, what do you think will you do?

I’ve definitely gotten lost before in big cities, but it’s usually not for long because I don’t hesitate to stop someone to ask for directions.

4. Give a major decision related to travel that you regret most?

I was living in Germany and living abroad hadn’t really turned out the way I had hoped. Before returning to Canada I had a few more months to spend in Europe. I was unemployed and had plenty of time on my hands. During that time I went on a short trip to Zurich and London, but I regret not traveling more!

5. If you were to time travel to the past, where and when would you go?

I’m currently working on trying to live more contently in the present, while letting go of the past and ignoring the future (inspired by The Power of Now). So my answer is right here and now is where I should be!

6. What do you say to people who see travel only as a luxury and hate the idea of it?

There are plenty of affordable ways to travel that there really is no excuse not to, no matter your budget. Traveling doesn’t have to mean that you’re always staying in five star hotels on different continents. You could be a backpacker sleeping in hostels in your own country. You could go on day trips every weekend to cool spots near your hometown. You could work your way around the world by teaching English, freelancing, volunteering, or woofing. The idea of traveling can mean something different for each person.

As for people that hate the idea of traveling, it’s not my place to judge them. Some people are totally content with living and staying in one area their whole lives. Nothing wrong with that. Everyone is entitled to live their lives whatever way they think is best. However, I do believe that going out into the world makes you a more rounded and open person.

7. How would you compare your country/city to Canada/Toronto?

I currently live in Vancouver, on the west coast of Canada. Vancouver and Toronto are pretty similar since they’re both major Canadian cities, but I’m partial to Vancouver because it’s my home. Although the living costs in Vancouver are pricey, it’s very hard to beat the abundant nature that surrounds the city. I love having the ocean and mountains right outside my doorstep.

8. What city or country would you go back over and over again?


9. Name stereotypes or how media describes a place that you proved to be right or wrong?

When I was younger my parents would take me on family vacations to Mexico and Cuba. We spent a lot of time during those trips interacting with locals and visiting rural areas that would be considered “dangerous” to friends back home. However, we found that we never had any issues with security and the locals were always extremely welcoming and kind.

10. What’s your most memorable experience?

My most memorable experiences equates to when I am the happiest. A few outstanding experiences are eating gelato for breakfast in Italy, standing in the middle of St. Mark’s Square in Venice, riding a camel in Morocco, and snorkeling with a poisonous sea snake in Mexico.

Now that I've answered my questions, here are the bloggers that I have chosen to nominate:

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And, here are your questions:

1. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why?

2. What's the best thing you've experienced while traveling?

3. What's the worst thing you've experienced while traveling?

4. Which place should every traveler visit at least once in their lifetime?

5. Where do you call home?

6. If you could watch any movie during a flight what would it be?

7. What's the first place you ever traveled to?

8. Why did you start blogging?

9. Why do you travel?

10. What's your next travel destination?

Thanks for reading and congrats to all the nominees!