It was a dream
We all carry with us this dream:
that something wonderful will happen,
that it must happen -
that time will open,
that the heart will open,
that doors will open,
that cliffs will be opened,
that springs will well forth,
that the dream will be opened,
that we one peaceful morning will glide in
onto a bay we had not been aware of.
— Olav H.Hauge

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Well known for its deep and extensive fjord systems, stunning mountain ranges, and rugged coastline, Norway is sure to charm most travelers (and landscape photographers for that matter) looking to connect with nature. 

While this Nordic country might be most loved among outdoorsy types, that's not all that's on offer here.

Head to the capital city of Oslo and you'll find plenty of neighborhoods that seem to ooze coolness with hipster cafes, niche shops, and ultra-modern architecture. For those more interested in history and culture, the UNESCO designated site of Bryggen in the city of Bergen and the art nouveau architectural style of the town of Ålesund are a real treat.


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