Storq: Soft, Simple, and Stylish Maternity Wear for Travelers

Wearing the  Relaxed Top

Wearing the Relaxed Top

At the beginning of my pregnancy it felt like a daunting challenge to integrate my changing body with my regular wardrobe, which mostly consisted of simple and casual pieces that were easy to throw on for everyday life while also functioning well for travel.

But with a blossoming belly, some changes were necessary and I began researching brands producing functional and classic maternity wear that aligned with my style which would fit in with my existing clothing collection. Finding pieces that wouldn’t require me to build a whole new maternity wardrobe from scratch was key.

So when I finally came across Storq, I knew I had met my sartorial match. Storq is a maternity and nursing wear company that focuses on creating essential pieces which work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. The pieces can be described as simple, timeless, primarily monochromatic, and can be worn countless different ways, making them ideal for those who don’t want to revamp their entire closet.

Below you’ll find more details about the brand, the fabrics, the styles, and other important info you should know about Storq.

About the brand

In essence, Storq is about embracing new curves while maintaining your sense of style. They create pieces that avoid trends so when you invest in one of their items you can bet it won’t be out of style in a few months, and the idea behind the clothing is that all the pieces can be intermixed with your pre-pregnancy wardrobe, for maximum functionality during pregnancy, nursing, and postpartum.

Earlier Storq updated their website to only feature unretouched images of real women of different sizes, heights, stages of pregnancy and postpartum, and body types - a positive step in the maternity fashion industry where models usually sport fake baby bumps. Their clothing ranges in sizes 0 through 2X/22 (going up to 3X/26 later this year).

Another reason why I love the brand, which ethically produces their clothing in China and the U.S., is because they are careful about selecting their manufacturing partners to ensure worker safety, fair wages, and minimizing environmental impact. Whenever they can, they select fabrics which are eco-friendly and consist of natural fibers.

Why Storq is perfect for travelers

It’s hard enough to find maternity wear that checks all the boxes when it comes to style, price, and quality, and even harder when you’re looking for pieces that will work just as well when you’re on the go. But my #1 reason for wearing Storq pieces while I’m traveling is a simple one: they’re supremely comfortable.

Here are a few other reasons why I’ve found myself consistently packing Storq items over the last few months on numerous road trips:

  • All the clothes are made with comfort in mind - the pieces are tagless, designed with as few seams as possible, and intended to adapt to a changing body during pregnancy and postpartum.

  • They pack extremely well with hardly any wrinkling (I roll my clothes or fold in squares).

  • In case of spills or other accidents, the clothes don’t require any special washing instructions.

  • The silhouettes are versatile yet classic. It’s easy to pack one or two Storq pieces which can effortlessly be paired numerous different ways with other non-maternity items in your closet.


My favorite styles

Although I’ve listed individual items I personally purchased from Storq below, I think it’s entirely possible to only invest in their Basics Bundle, which consists of the T-Shirt Dress, Pencil Skirt, Leggings, and Tank, and be able to pull off a classic minimalist maternity wardrobe with only those four pieces. That said, here are some of my favorite Storq pieces I’ve been wearing these last nine months:

T-Shirt Dress - a classic t-shirt dress in the softest modal blend fabric, perfect for those early pregnancy days when you’re feeling bloated and nothing fits quite right, up until your due date and even beyond. Like most Storq pieces, the dress can also be used for nursing by simply pulling down one side of the scoop neck design. As one of the first items I purchased from Storq, I’m happy to report it still fits wonderfully now near the end of my pregnancy, with hardly any fabric stretched out in the belly area, despite being on constant rotation in my maternity wardrobe. Looking forward to getting plenty more mileage out of this dress in the postpartum months. Fits true to size.

Pencil Skirt - a simple, fitted pencil skirt that can be worn dressed up or down, high over your bump or below it, whichever way is most comfortable for you. The skirt is extremely soft and not see through, thanks to a double layer of fabric. This piece fits true to size, but would recommend sizing up for a little more give in the last few months of pregnancy when hips and bottoms have a mind of their own.

Tank - ideal as a basic top in the hot summer months or as a base layer in the cool winter months, this extra long tank is really as simple as it gets while being all you need if you love separates. The stretchy modal fabric and scoop neck makes it easy to use while nursing, too. This tank top is one of the only styles I found that was without any type of ruching on the sides, a common design feature in the world of maternity clothes which is (in my opinion) downright dreadful. Fits true to size.

Relaxed Top - this tunic top made from Supima cotton is one of my favorite items from Storq because of its drapey shape and the ultra soft feeling of the fabric on my skin. I imagine the three-button front will make it simple for nursing access as well. Although loose, this piece fits true to size (but I will probably have mine taken in postpartum for a slightly slimmer look).

Everyday Bra - finally, a soft cup nursing bra that doesn’t look like a nursing bra, or as Storq puts it a bra with “no clips, no bows, no lace” to keep you feeling like yourself through pregnancy and beyond. The soft and flexible fabric accommodates a fluctuating cup size and allows you to simply pull it aside for breastfeeding. Fits true to size, but if you’re a larger bust size you may want to consider their Full Cup Nursing Bra instead.

Two other pieces from their current line I love, but don’t own are the Nursing Tank and the Frame Sweater. Both look super cozy, and I imagine would come in very handy for the upcoming nursing/postpartum period. There’s also the functional and cool Carryall, which doubles as an incognito diaper bag and backpack.

In review

I think Storq is a perfect option if you’re shopping for yourself/a loved one who is expecting or in the midst of the postpartum period because of the brand’s classic designs, comfortable styles, and ethical manufacturing.

But what about price point? Storq falls somewhere in the middle in the maternity fashion industry when it comes to pricing. You’ll undoubtedly be able to find pieces for a fraction of the cost of one Storq item at stores like Old Navy or H&M, but in my experience the quality and longevity of these garments has been disappointing and honestly doesn’t seem worth the short-lived savings. Currently, all prices on the Storq website are displayed in USD.

I also want to draw your attention to a solution that Storq has come up with in regards to what to do with old maternity clothes which no longer fit or work for your lifestyle. If you’ve already got a few Storq pieces kicking around which you no longer wear, you can send them back to the company who will donate them to families in need via the Homeless Prenatal Program in San Francisco (as a bonus, Storq will in return provide you with a $25 gift card for a future order).

Lastly, Storq is only shipping to the U.S. and Canada at this time.

*This post was not sponsored and all opinions expressed herein are my own. I'm inspired to write about brands and products that I personally use and believe will benefit others. Thanks for reading!*

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Storq is a maternity and nursing wear company that focuses on creating essential pieces which work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. In this post, you’ll find details about the brand, the fabrics, the styles, and other important info you should know.
Storq is a maternity and nursing wear company that focuses on creating essential pieces which work seamlessly with your existing wardrobe. In this post, you’ll find details about the brand, the fabrics, the styles, and other important info you should know.