Traveling in Style with Tradlands

 Traveling in Style with Tradlands

Along with all the other challenges that come with being a female traveler, often we also place unreasonable expectations on ourselves to look and dress a certain way.  The clothes we wear out on the road can play a big role in how comfortable we feel in our own skin and can provide an overall sense of self confidence, a priceless thing when you’re in a foreign place.  

But for too long, female travelers have been relegated to wearing shapeless khaki hiking pants and polyester dry-fit shirts while traveling. In semi-protest to the highly marketed women’s outdoor gear travel wear, I’ve endlessly been on the hunt for functional, comfortable, and stylish clothing that I can take with me in my 40L backpack and feel good about wearing. Additionally, over the last year or so, a big focus of mine has been on updating my wardrobe with sustainably and ethically produced quality clothing that won’t have to be replaced year after year.

Needless to say, it’s been quite a challenge to find pieces that meets all of these requirements, but I’m more than excited to say that I’ve finally found just the right brand that meets all my expectations: Tradlands.  

I first heard about Tradlands on one of my favorite blogs, Reading My Tea Leaves (beautifully written little slices of life) and was inspired to give them a try. Tradlands creates gorgeous menswear-inspired classics for women with an emphasis on little details and made-to-last quality.

After ordering my first Tradlands shirt this spring (and then ordering a bunch more!), I knew they would be ideal for everyday travel wear.


The Murphy in Gold

Well-made basics are the foundation of any wardrobe, whether that’s your walk-in closet at home or the few pieces you managed to fit into a tiny suitcase before your trip to Mexico, and Tradlands makes some of the best I've ever found.

The Murphy in Gold (it also comes in Cavern, Shell, Grey, and Viridian) is a super versatile Tradlands piece. With a sturdy yet soft cottony feel, this long-sleeve shirt inspired by college rowing is ideal for long plane trips and bus rides when you just want to feel cozy.

However, it’s not just for keeping you warm. I was recently wearing it on a 30 C day, walking uphill for at least 40 minutes, and found that the light color kept me relatively cool!   


The Rory

The Rory was the first purchase I made from Tradlands and it’s what made me initially fall in the love with the company. This shirt, with its effortless cool style and slim fit, is exactly what I picture a button up shirt should be. In fact, button up shirts are what Tradlands does best.

Why? Because it’s all in the details.

Length I find it quite difficult to find a button up that sits properly on my hips. They’re usually too short and I end up revealing half my back when bending over or they’re far too long giving me the illusion of having a super lengthy torso. Tradlands button ups fall right in the middle and sit comfortably on my hips without feeling tight.

 Tradlands The Rory

Buttons Have you ever bought a nice shirt only to take it home and have the buttons start to unravel after only the first wash? This simply does not happen with Tradlands shirts. In fact, the buttons they use feel extra strong and are double or triple sewn to prevent them from falling off.  

Material/Trim Tradlands shirts typically seem to be made of midweight fabrics – they are so soft on the skin yet just feel so sturdy. Although I have a limited knowledge of sewing, just from looking at the trim I can see that it’s made to withstand a lot. I have yet to have any problems with unraveling or loose strings.


The Rambla & Emilia

This spring, Tradlands released their BCN collection - four lovely short sleeve tops inspired by summer in Barcelona. Each design is scoop neck and uniquely textured, colored, and named after corners of Barcelona’s inner city.

When I first got them, both shirts felt a little stiff but have softened up considerably after a few washes. I really liked the burnt orange of the Emilia and the subtle pattern of the Rambla and I wear each of them on a weekly basis. The mid-weight cotton fabric ensures they’re light enough for spring and summer weather, but also appropriate layered under a sweater when the temperatures get cooler in the fall.

These will easily fall into your category of go-to travel shirts; for everyday sightseeing, they’re perfect paired with jeans and for a night out they can easily be dressed up with jewelry and heels.

 Traveling in Style with Tradlands

What you should know about Tradlands

Cost Yes, Tradlands products are on the higher end of the price scale, but a purchase means that you will be investing in an item that is meant to last for years, if not a lifetime. If the prices are still a little too steep for your budget don’t forget to check out their Clearance section as you'll usually find pieces with good discounts.

Ethics Tradlands ensures that each piece they design is sewn in small batches in the United States, which gives the company more control over the quality and details of the items, as well as ensuring their workers are happy and have a healthy work environment. Currently, they work with a well-established sewing company in Chicago.

Quality With a tailored yet comfortable fit, the products are guaranteed to last and meant to be shared with future generations – passed down from mother to daughter. Tradlands continual focus on details and a flattering feminine silhouette makes them stand out from other companies.


Please note, I was not compensated or sponsored to write this article. All opinions are my own. 

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 In protest to the highly marketed women’s outdoor gear travel wear, I’ve endlessly been on the hunt for functional, comfortable, and stylish clothing that I can take with me in my 40L backpack and feel good about wearing on the road. I’ve finally found just the right brand that meets all my expectations: Tradlands.