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Where to Go in Vancouver: 6 Can't Miss Spots

Vancouver receives millions of visitors each year and you'll undoubtedly find guide books repeating the same 'must-see' spots over and over again. Having recently spent the last six years living in Vancouver, I wanted to share six of my favorite spots in the city - sure, there are a few that are very much 'on-the-beaten-path', but perhaps you'll also find some surprises and new places to visit.

A Wine Tour Through Naramata Bench

If you want to explore Canada's premier wine region, then you need to head to the Okanagan Valley. Here's everything I got up to on a wine tasting tour in the Okanagan.

Linden Gardens: An Okanagan Gem

Hiding in a quiet corner of the Okanagan, Linden Gardens is an alternative to the beach days and wine tours so common from spring to fall across this popular tourist region of British Columbia.