Boob Design: Sustainable Maternity Clothes for Traveling Mamas

 Boob Design: Sustainable Maternity Clothes for Traveling Mamas

When I first found out I was expecting, my whole way of thinking abruptly shifted. Suddenly, I wondered if I would still be able to enjoy the things I had loved to do up until that point, and I worried that the activities which have always been important and enjoyable to me, like traveling for example, would be completely off the table now that a tiny human was growing inside me. It wasn't until my first prenatal appointment that my anxiety eased when my doctor gently reassured me I could continue to participate without worry in many of the things I have always enjoyed doing.

So far I've striven to maintain the mentality that life doesn't have to change all that much, but there are some things, such as my wardrobe, that inevitably needed to adjust - and fast. For as long as I could, I put off wearing maternity clothing and tried to use what was available to me in my existing collection, but when putting on regular pants in the morning starts to make your legs feel like sausages being stuffed into a casing, it's time to reevaluate.

Enter Boob Design, a Swedish brand featuring modern maternity and nursing wear, ideal for exactly the type of mama I aspire to be: an active one.

They were kind enough to send me some pieces to test and review, and I'm excited to share more about this brand with you, whether you're currently expecting, nursing, or looking for a loved one!


All About the brand

The idea for Boob began almost 20 years ago on a cold and windy day when the company's founder, Mia Seipel, watched her sister breastfeed her newborn son, exposing her entire waist to the frigid air. And thus the idea for practical yet stylish nursing clothing was born.

Since then, Boob has expanded to create beautiful clothes for all stages of motherhood. The clothing comes in basic and fancy styles with cheerful colors or understated neutrals, and every piece is contemporary yet timeless.


Boob Design & Sustainability

One of the things that first drew me to Boob is their focus on creating clothing in a sustainable and ethical manner, something hard to find among other maternity clothing brands. They pride themselves on producing their clothes in carefully-monitored factories in Portugal, Turkey, Italy and Greece which all adhere to high standards of social responsibility, meaning they offer a fair workplace and good working conditions for their employees.

And in regards to environmental responsibility, Boob is undeniably paving the way. they have increased the use of sustainable materials from 20% to 97%, a figure which they eventually hope to be at 100%. Currently, they produce their clothes using organic cotton (grown without the use of harmful pesticides or fertilizers), recycled cotton, lyocell (made from fast-growing eucalyptus and other wood from sustainably managed forests), recycled polyester (made from recycled plastic bottles) and recycled polyamide (made from recycled industrial and post-consumer waste).

Last but certainly not least, Boob is committed to ensuring none of their clothes contain any harmful chemicals which are illegal or hazardous to people’s health, choosing to certify all of their products according to an independent association called STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®. When I think of all the time my baby will be spending nuzzled up against me, and undoubtedly my clothing, I truly appreciate the level of care and dedication the team at Boob has put into creating their garments in the safest way possible.

 Boob Design: Sustainable Maternity Clothes for Traveling Mamas

Naima Dress

I have always loved to wear jeans, but now with a blossoming belly it's so much more comfortable to wear a loose-fitting dress like the one seen here. The Naima dress features drop pockets and a white drawstring which gives it a casual yet retro kind of feel. I'm wearing a size M, but there's still plenty of room to grow into it as the months progress.

As with all Boob pieces, this dress is meant to be worn both during pregnancy and after birth. They have expertly designed their dresses and tops with hidden nursing access. On this dress, the drawstring simply has to be pulled open and voila! easy access for the babe without revealing your whole chest to the world (you can see what I mean here).

Fabric. 71% organic cotton, 24% recycled cotton and 5% elastane

Texture. The dress is buttery soft and feels smooth against the skin.

 Boob Design: Sustainable Maternity Clothes for Traveling Mamas

Suki Top & Once-On-Never-Off Kick Flare Trousers

This combination of t-shirt and trousers is spot on to my regular pre-pregnancy style, but I would wear this outfit even if I wasn't pregnant! To me the femininity of the Suki top feels balanced because the adjustable tie accentuates the figure yet doesn't feel overly girly or frilly. Just like the Naima dress, this top comes with the horizontal nursing function behind the side tie.

The Once-On-Never-Off Kick Flare Trousers are insanely comfortable, stretchy, and feature a high waist double layer of fabric that can be pulled up over the belly or folded down on your hips depending on how you prefer to wear them. I'm wearing a size M in both pieces.

Shirt Fabric. 100% organic cotton slub

Shirt Texture. I love how the cotton slub gives this shirt a lovely 'washed' look, and the material feels light on my skin. I think this will work well in the heat of summer.

Trouser Fabric. 86% lyocell, 12% polyamide and 2% elastane

Trouser Texture. Boob describes them as feeling like "your most comfortable pajamas" and I couldn't agree more.

 Boob Design: Sustainable Maternity Clothes for Traveling Mamas

Final thoughts

Boob Design creates pieces that feel almost like a second skin - they are soft to the touch and easy to move around in, yet feel incredibly well-made, set to withstand years of wash and wear. I can't wait to see how they hold up as my body continues to change throughout my pregnancy.

Boob Design kindly sent me the three pieces seen in this article for review. All opinions are my own.  Thank you for supporting brands who are committed to using sustainable materials and responsible manufacturing!


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 A look at Boob Design, a Swedish brand featuring modern maternity and nursing wear, ideal for exactly the type of mama I aspire to be: an active one.